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About the unit

What experience does Landig & Lava have in the area of meat cooling?

Expect the best and nothing else!

Landig & Lava is a family owned company in Southern Germany, where all big car-brands manufacture their great products.

We have developed the DRYAGER™ dry ager fridge with a lot of passion and love in detail over the past 6 years, together with a food laboratory and 2 butchers and we can say with full pride, that the technology, the design and the price fits. In addition to the DRYAGER™ dry aging meat fridge, we also produce since many years high-quality vacuum packing-machines, sous vide devices, refrigerators and cooling-devices for home- and commercial use.

In total, Landig & Lava has over 30 years experience in meat cooling.

Why is the DRYAGER™ so inexpensive and yet has so much technology?

The DRYAGER™ dry aging refridgerator is a great product for retailers to satisfy in this field 100 % all customer needs, but has not been calculated primarily for retailers. It was possible to use existing housings and moulds to avoid high investment costs in tools. The elaborate technology (5 patented systems) have been manufactured cost effectively in Germany and Europe, through much experience and years of development work.

How much meat fits into the fridges and how big is the weight-loss through drying?

At the moment there are 2 sizes available:

DX 500™ (for up to 44 lb of meat)
The small unit has the same great technology installed and is perfect for dry aging meat, charcuterie, salami and ham. You can use it as a free standing unit or just install it in a wall, which looks even better. To load this unit, we recommend to use the shelves and also the hanger for pieces up to 50 cm in length.

DX 1000™ (for up to 220 lb of meat)
The Bestseller in our range – perfect as a free standing unit or as an installation in a wall single or side-by-side. This fantastic dry aging fridge is perfect to load with up to 2-3 complete back loins hanging, each up to 55 lb. Mixing is possible as well, just take full shelves or half shelves and hang the pieces inside + put them on shelves, it is your decision. To fill the fridge completely, just take 5 full shelves and put your meat on the shelves to have in total approx. 220 lb inside. Important: Do not fill it up too much, otherwise you block the air-flow.

Both sizes are available in our HOME SERIES and our PRO SERIES.

Dry aging = meat loses weight. The weight loss in the DRYAGER™ dry ager fridge is surprisingly small:

-Beef:  After 4 weeks approx. 7 – 8 %  |  After 6 weeks approx. 12 %
-Pork:  After 3 weeks approx. 9 – 10 %

This is a very important benefit to our dry aging fridge. We have found out after intensive testing, that many others so called “Dry Aging Cabinets and Fridges” of other companies, loose up to 3 times more weight. So you see, in the DRYAGER™ dry age refrigerator the result immediately effects your wallet!

Are there smaller or larger units available?

At the moment our Dry Aging Fridges are available in two sizes.  Both can be installed as a single unit free standing or installed in a wall. You also can easily put them side-by-side in a wall which looks fantastic:

DX 500™
For or up to 44 lb of meat
External dimensions: 60 x 60 x 91 cm (LxWxH)
220-240 V and 50/60 Hz / 110 V on request

DX 1000™
For up to 220 lb of meat
External dimensions: 70 x 75 x 165 cm (LxWxH)
220-240 V and 50/60 Hz / 110 V on request

If you are interested in other sizes, our DRYAGER™ Dry Aging Chambers could be interesting for you. Here we can fulfil almost all size requests.

Is the DRYAGER™ built to dry age (fully aging process from fresh to aged) or just for storing?

Also here, expect the best and nothing else!

The DRYAGER™ Dry Aging Fridge is a professional dry aging cabinet, it ages fresh meat to perfect dry-aged meat or produces from fresh meat lovely ham or sausages.

If you are not currently aging meat in it, you can of course also use the DRYAGER™  meat aging fridge for storage. Just like a normal fridge. Thanks to continuous sterilisation, vegetables and herbs also stay fresh in the DRYAGER™ dry aging meat fridge for a particularly long time.

Can this refrigerator also dry age ham, cheese and sausages?

The DRYAGERDry Aging Fridge naturally can be used for ham and sausages, the respective values for humidity (60 to 90 %) and temperature (0 to +25 °C) can be adjusted electronically. Also the device can be used as a cheese storage fridge.

What do existing customers say, are there any reviews?

Popular and famous chefs like Gordon Ramsey or Shola Olunloyo, almost every big hotel group and many others, from all over the world love this dry aging fridge. All existing customers are enthusiastic and have almost doubled their meat sales in dry-aged beef in the commercial sector. Also from domestic sector, there is consistently positive feedback.

What are the advantages compared to other dry aging fridges?

The DRYAGER™ is now the most popular Dry Aging Meat Fridge in the world and has a solid quality, at an affordable price, with production facilities in Germany.

It is worth to emphasize as well the attractive design, the silent working and the plug & play delivery. On top, what makes it unique is the UVC sterilisation system, the Saltair system and the independecy from any water supply.

Included as well: The metallic tinted glass door, LED interior lighting, adjustable shelving and hanging system.

Unique as well, the very low weight loss in the DRYAGER™ dry aging refridgerator:

– Beef:  After 4 weeks approx. 7 – 8 %  |  After 6 weeks approx. 12 %
-Pork:  After 3 weeks approx. 9 – 10 %

This is a very big advantage of our Dry Aging Fridge. We have found out after intensive testing, that many others so called “dry aging cabinets and fridges” of other companies, loose up to 3 times more weight. So you see, in the DRYAGER™ dry age fridge the result immediately effects your wallet!

Why is no water supply required?

Due to sophisticated technology and a special combination of components, the DRYAGER meat aging fridges do not need a water connection. The water in the device is already present in the meat, collected and stored as ice.

Can I control the temperature and humidity exactly?

Of course, this is absolutely necessary for professional dry-aging – the values are electronically adjustable: humidity (60 to 90 %) and temperature (0 to +25 °C) in steps of 0.5 % and 0.1 °C respectively.

Does the unit has air circulation or a circulating air system inside?

Yes, the unit has an air circulation system which is matched in terms of air velocity and air guide specifically for the dry aging of meat, ham and sausage.

What effect / impact have the Saltair blocks?

Salt has a sterilizing effect. Also, once the salt is slightly wet it can pass into the air and can affect the flavor of the meat. It also positively influences stability to the set air humidity inside the unit.

The unit inside is made of plastic, is this better than stainless steel?

It is not just plastic, it is a special mixture of antibacterial silver-ion coating combined with an extra strong plastic.

The advantages: Round corners and no edges, so it is very easy and quick to clean with the special DRYAGER™ cleaner. Through the new antibacterial coating inside bacterias will be detroyed within seconds, this is unique in the DRYAGER™ and worldwide in no other dry aging fridge available. The inner plastic body has been protected for meat maturing cabinets and registered as a utility model.

Does the glass door fog up?

No, the triple glazing will not fog up when the door is closed. Only when the door is open for more than half a minute, the glass will briefly mist, but it will clear seconds later.

Do I need to defrost the appliance myself?

No, the appliance defrosts automatically and the water evaporates into a receptacle on the compressor in the back of the device.

Can I install the unit as a stand alone unit?

Yes, no problem, the feet are height adjustable. Also available for the DX 1000™  is a purpose built DRYAGER™ podium.

What is the noise level of the device?

The laborytory measurement gives a sound performance value of 48 dB (A) for the smaller DX 500 and 52 dB (A) for the big DX 1000.

In order to compare this value: A talking person at 1 m distance has a sound source of: 40 – 60 dB (A).

What refrigerant is used and what are the connection values and operating voltage?

DX 500™
Cooling Gas = Isobutane:  R 600 a  (33 gram)
Connected Wattage:  0,61 A / 220-240 V / 50 / 60 Hz

DX 1000™
Cooling Gas = Isobutane:  R 600 a  (45 gram)
Connected Wattage:  1,0 A / 220-240 V / 50 / 60 Hz

Where can I find the installation dimensions for integration?

This information can be found in the user guides.

What is the energy consumption?

The German engineering guarantees a low energy consumption.

DX 500™
Energy consumption in 24 hours just approx. 1,0 KWh = 365 KWh per year

DX 1000™
Energy consumption in 24 hours just approx. 1,7 KWh = 621 KWh per year

The datas above have been indicated at a temperature of +25 °C/77 °F and a setting-temperature of +1 °C/33,8 °F.

Are the feet adjustable in height?

Yes, each foot is adjustable in height of about o.78 inch.

About meat and the right aging period

Which types of meat can be aged and how long?

Beef, pork, lamb and game – basically any red meat. Do you have questions about the perfect aging time for your meat? Just send us a mail and we help you:

Is it safe by the food law to let meat mature for many weeks?

In a professional dry aging refridgerator such as the DRYAGER it is absolutely harmless. Aging here is nothing more than an electronically controlled decomposition process in a purpose built unit. Laboratory tests that we ourselves have done (every week a meat sample was sent to a laboratory, a total of 10 weeks) confirm the sensorial neutrality and released for consumption and sale, even after 10 weeks dry aging period.

Even after 25 weeks of dry aging in the DRYAGER™, the meat quality is just fantastic. If the meat fullfills all criterias for perfect aging.

Why is animal welfare important?

In addition to genes and the breed, feed and husbandry determine meat quality. For this reason we recommend to use meat from animals, which were mostly on the pasture, had a lot of exercise and were fed with silage as little as possible or not at all.

What values ‌‌for temperature and humidity do I set?

Each user has his own preference. We recommend, for example, a temperature of about +1.5 °C and 85 % humidity for a period of approx. 4 – 6 weeks for beef.

How can I speed up the dry aging process in the DRYAGER™ dry aging beef refridgerator?

By slightly increasing the temperature to about +3 °C, the dry aging period would then be reduced to about 3 weeks. The best results are usually achieved with a dry aging period of 4 – 6 weeks at about +1.5 °C.

Why does dry-aged beef taste better than wet-aged meat from the vacuum bag?

Wet-aged meat from a vacuum bag is influenced by lactic acid bacteria often sour with a metallic taste. Dry-aged meat or dry-aged beef ages slowly and develops a very special, nutty intense flavor, those who’ve tried it once won’t want to eat any other meat.

Where can I buy the meat and what is recommended?

The best solution:
Directly from the slaughter-house or a trusted butcher. It must be fresh and maximum 5 days old after the slaughtery. This meat will develop the maximum in flavor. We recommend here especially meat from a young cow (female, who has not yet calved). The back should have an ordinary fat cover plus good marbling. What is great as well, an old cow (between 12 and 15 years) that has already calved at least 10 times – perfect for aging as well, you will be thrilled. Aging-time here 4-6 weeks for a great result.

Still a good solution:
Take wet aged meat out of the vacuum-bag and dry age it for maximum 2-3 weeks in the DRYAGER™ dry aging steak fridge.

Can you also use other cuts or only the back?

The bigger the piece you dry age, the less you cut away after the aging. The dry aging of pure meat cuts is possible, ideally rub with beef tallow, especially on areas that have no protective fat layer this prevents too much wastage.

Can I really professionally dry age meat at home?

This is definitely possible, here are our top 10 useful tips.

In addition to the DRYAGER™ , we recommend a few important items such as: latex gloves, bone saw, work apron, boning knife and, for the packaging/freezing, a vacuum sealer.

What do I have to pay attention to when handling meat and transporting meat?

Whenever in contact with meat you should wear protective gloves and take meticulous care that your meat supplier complies with all hygiene guidelines. In addition, the cold chain must not be interrupted and the meat must be fresh (up to 5 days after slaughter in the DRYAGER™ dry aging meat fridge).

Can I dry age meat of different aging-levels at the same time?

This is unique in the DRYAGER™ meat aging fridge:

You can hang different loins with different dry aging levels in the dry aging fridge. The AIRREG® UVC sterilisation (patented system) ensures that germs are not transmitted through the air, if one of the loins should be infected.

Can I open the door while dry aging?

Yes, no problem, the DRYAGER™ dry aging meat fridge regulates itself automatically immediately and returns to the previous values a few minutes later.

What is the advantage of dry aging a whole back?

There is much less to cut away, because the pure meat surface is not exposed. There is also the bone side and the layer of fat which protects the meat against being unduly dehydrated. It is, therefore, even more aromatic.

Does the Saltair salt blocks influence the meat taste?

The salt only changes the taste if it liquifies and passes into the air. It has been checked in a laboratory test whether in fact it changed the meat flavor. It proved positive and supports compliance with the humidity inside the unit and also is eye-catching to the customers. In addition, the salt has a sterilizing effect.

If I dry age very lean meat,how do I prevent it from drying out?

We recommend rubbing with beef tallow, this protects the very thin pieces.

Can I improve poor meat quality in the DRYAGER™ dry aging fridge?

Poor here refers to the quality, not to hygiene!

The tenderness will be certainly positively influenced. Unfortunately, it has no effect on the taste, because the output quality is decisive for the result of maturity.

How long can I store the meat after dry aging in the DRYAGER™ dry aging beef fridge?

You can store the meet after dry aging up to 1 week without any problem. Then it should be vacuum packed. Now you can store it in an refrigerator for one more week. Alternatively you can directly put in in the freezer. If you use a good vacuumer, the meat will still be as good after 3 years as it was on the day you froze it.

What do I do with the meat, if I can not sell anything?

Vacuum packing with a high quality vacuum sealer and freezing the meat ensures the quality remains fully maintained up to 3 years. Also, rapid freezing has a positive impact on meat quality.

Can I freeze the dry aged meat, if so, how long?

Up to 3 years in the freezer, if it is vacuum packed.

How do I stop the dry aging process?

By vacuum packing and freezing it.

Does the meat continue dry aging after it’s been vacuum packed?

If kept chilled in a refrigerator then, yes, for up to a maximum of 1 week. In the deep freezer the maturing process stops.

My meat has gone moldy, what happened?

During our test in the DRYAGER™ dry aging meat fridge, even after 10 weeks of dry aging, no mold has yet formed.

If it happens to you, maybe the hygiene guidelines have not been followed  during the slaughter (high airflow, temperature, bacterial contamination …).

Generally you can remove the moldy area generously. For further questions send a photo to and we will get back to you shortly.


Delivery and service

How will the device be delivered?

You have no risk at all!
We deliver by courier, standing on a pallet and very well secured and insured.

Is the delivery insured?

Yes, fully insured. Important: In the presence of the driver unpack and check for transport damage.

Will I be notified prior to delivery?

Yes, they will call prior and confirm a delivery date.

Can I request a delivery date?

Yes, after ordering, please send a mail to or call: 408.348.7607.

Is the device ready for operation or is installation required?

The device is ready for use (plug & play): unboxing & dry aging!

How can I reach the service team?

Call 408.348.7607 or send an e-mail to

Who can I contact in case of technical problems?

You can directly contact the DRYAGER™ sales and service team. Call 408.348.7607 or send an e-mail to

Is there an emergency service, if so, where?

24-hour emergency hotline: 408.348.7607 and throughout USA and Canada we offer over hundreds of service stations. Also, any certified refrigeration technician in your area would be able to check/repair the unit with our service manual in front of them.

Are there any wearing parts which should be changed annually?

Yes, the UVC bulb should be replaced annually.

What is the warranty period?

Here are our warranties:

HOME SERIES: 2 years
PRO SERIES: 5 years

Parts and labor:
PRO SERIES: 2 years


Are there any additional accessories for the appliance available?

Yes, there is an extensive range of accessories, which can be found in the brochure supplied or send an request right here.

Why are there half shelves available?

This allows you to hang strip loins in the back area of the device and dry age smaller pieces on the half shelv in front, so you have 2 in 1.

How do I label the meat in the dry aging refrigerator ?

Ideally for this are the DRYAGER™ plastic labels, these are reusable and very stable and also have a very appealing desing.

How often should I replace the salt blocks?

The salt dissolves slowly through moisture. However, the dry aging fridge must be used for quite a long time (over 3 years) until you need to replace the salt blocks.

How many hangers can I put in the unit?

With the DX 1000, a maximum of 2 hangers are possible per lateral insertion level, so theoretically up to 4 hangers are recommended if, for example, you hang 8 half backs (2 half backs per hanger) into the device.

What hooks are best, normal s-hook or swivel hook?

Definitely the swivel hooks, because they have a hinge in the middle so you can re-position the meat without it turning and ensure it’s most attractive side is on view to the customer.

How can I raise the dry ager fridge, is there a platform?

Yes, for the bigger DX 1000 there is the 40 cm high DRYAGER™ podium available. The metal pedestal is matte black.

Are there special accessories for dry aging sausages and salami available?

Yes, there are bars that you can use for dry aging salami and sausage. Please request this per e-mail:

Where can I order consumables or spare parts?

Contact your authorised dealer/retailer or order directly from DRYAGER™. Call: 408.287.7897 or e-mail: